Final Year Art School

Ok, this year is totally different, we design our own brief etc. I have stumbled a little with this, starting with one idea then hating it and have kind of started over. We don’t have a drawing class, however we do still have art history which I should be writing a 3000 word draft essay for right now..

I think my project is going to be using living material, ie moss, tillandsia, and other plants that don’t really require soil and somehow, turning them into something wearable, it has environmental ideas about it, and  Ideas about the specimen, and escapism. Yup got ALOT to work out still…

Oh Yeah, got married about a month ago.Image

Drawing Project Finished

I finished this last year, got an A+ for it…

Drawing exercise week 2 semester 2 Year 2

Nearly Half Way

Well I am nearly half way through the year, my second project is nearly done. Feeling so on top of things at the moment.

Here are some components of my current project;

I took some time-lapse photos here to get an idea about movement of the boats at the turn of the tide.

The first boat brooch I made

Another one

One in silver

Pinned to a top

Put it all together and you get this silly little video, to be part of my presentation next week…

Moeraki, from low tide to about an hour and a half after low tide.

This is part of reaserch for my current project. Last week I made chris take me to Moeraki so I could take some time lapse photos, a photo was taken every 30sec (or so) for an hour and a half and put back together. Doing this I was hopeing to record the effect the tide has on the movement of the mored boats.

You may all think I’m crazy, But…

This is just a random thing… I read really great comic called Alpha Flag by Jon Cairns. The drawing is beautiful, the story is awesome, and the characters all have their own wonderful quirks, Its just great. Now the thing that you may think I’m being a little crazy about is that I think the character known as ‘The Diver’ looks alot like my fiance Chris. Here is my evidance (Chris wouldn’t pose for me, so I had to find a close pose, oh and at the moment he has a full beard on so its harder to see what I see so it is an older photo);


ok.. maybe a little crazy…


I’m thinking of using stop-motion to help display my next project… so I’ve been having a play around with it.

Something that would fit in with my current project;

Something I Made before even applying for art school, but it would quite happily fit the brief I’m working on now.

Manta Ray and Whale Shark

In the process of carving sea life, these are 2 that I am working on.

They are made out of pebbles found on Orepuki beach, Southland. I am pretty sure they are both jasper, though the greener one could be ardillite, as we also went to Colac bay where there are ardillite cliffs (also brought some of this back). Pebbles of the natural world.. just like the fish.

Sustainable Tuna

I thought this video was quite amazing

Hard work though..but still the idea of a never ending supply “up to your arm pits in tuna”

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